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  • Create Strategy Maps

    Create strategy maps with 4 perspectives, cause-and-effect connections, and strategic themes. Align KPIs and action plans with business goals on strategy map.

    Strategy Maps
  • Setup KPIs

    Setup Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with weight, measure units, and performance formulas. Access external data bases with SQL queries, import from Excel, or simply enter data manually.

  • Generate Performance Reports

    Analyze data in your business scorecard, find indicators that need your attention, and generate performance reports.

  • Visualize Organizational Structure

    Building a scorecard for a large company with multiple locations and departments? Present the organizational structure, cascade scorecards, and define access rights for the key members.

    Organizational Structure
  • Prepare Dashboards

    Create a detailed BI dashboard(s) with the charts for the most important KPIs. Help your team to be focused on the key aspects of the organization's performance.

  • Strategy map wizard

    Answer simple questions - build a professional strategy map in 6 minutes.

    Strategy map wizard
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Learn how BSC Designer® Online can improve the strategy execution process at your organization.

Strategy Maps

Create professional strategy maps. Add important business goals, specify cause-and-effect connections between them. Use strategic themes. Try Strategy Map Wizard.

Key Performance Indicators

Create KPIs, specify their weight, measure units, and performance formula. Access external data sources with SQL queries, import your data from Excel, or enter it manually.

Access Rights

Grant access for members of your team to specific indicators only, or share your scorecard with all of the persons involved.

Data sources

Import data from Excel, get connected to SQL databases, or build a cascade of indicators by linking to other scorecards of BSC Designer.

KPI analysis

Forecast the value of KPI, find indicators that were not updated on time, and indicators that are not performing well and need your attention.

Performance Reports

Prepare for the company's performance presentation! Generate professional performance reports for specific KPIs and for the whole scorecard.

More about BSC Designer

BSC Designer® Online is a user-friendly tool that helps you to build your own business scorecard with strategy maps and KPIs in just few minutes.

  • Create KPIs and link them to the data sources
  • Calculate the total performance score
  • Build strategy map with strategic themes
  • Align KPIs and initiatives with business goals
  • Notify persons responsible about important updates
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BSC Designer® Online can be seamlessly integrated with BSC Designer PRO desktop version for Windows.

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Explanatory videos for all functions of the software.

5 scorecards, up to 36 indicators

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Who uses BSC Designer

BSC Designer project (includes online and desktop software) is recognized by business professionals all over the world. More case studies...

  • We used BSC Designer to build an overall index... I was trying to prepare something similar in MS Excel, however it was too complicated to update with new data.

    Jiri Kratochvil, PMI, Czech Republic

  • Very easy to use and it provided me with a powerful functionality.

    Cezar Andrade Marques, Pro Max Consultoria, Brazil

  • BSC Designer helps with the implementing of company's strategy.

    Abdula Ali, Sales Director, MIC, Saudi Arabia

  • BSC Designer provides a visual method for viewing all of the key elements of BSC.

    Myles Hopkins, Qbit, South Africa

  • The interface looks rather intuitive and helps the user to know his/her way around easily.

    Ivan Lim, Blurmath Tuition Company, Singapore

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Who uses BSC Designer